Will You Invest in Diablo 3 Powerleveling?


Guy4game reviewListed below are ideas to help you answer this question Will you invest in Diablo 3 Powerlevling? Read the full post below for you to identify is it really worth to invest or not? What are advantages and disadvantages?


Types of Diablo 3 Powerleveling



There are many ways on how to reach level 60 fast, either by manual using free guides online, power leveling guides or by purchasing a power leveling service from reputable site. Below are the comparison between the three and it’s up you to decide which is better:


Manual Leveling

Manual Leveling is the typical process of leveling your character handling all tips and strategy you may read online either from blogs, wiki, fansite, forums, etc for free. Below are list Free Diablo 3 Guides you may use to speed up your manual leveling:


Free Diablo 3 Guides


The fastest manual leveling guide I’ve seen so far from Lv 1-60 was from Almar’s guide that it took him 26 hrs 30 mins, that’s more than a day of non-stop playing. No worries if you’re a no-life MMO addict but if you’re a working or going to school that only can spent 3-4 hrs per day this will cause you 9 days for you reach level 60.



There are tons of leveling guide available online some are good but most of it are not. If you are new with the game and this guides are perfect. They are compiled in a step-by-step manner and easy to understand. There are lots of HD screenshots and 1080p HD videos for you to easy to follow and not get lost. But finding good guide is also hard as manual leveling, a quick comparison and ratings from their customers will help you out in finding legit Diablo 3 power leveling guide. See Diablo 3 leveling guide review, price and comparison.

#1 Diablo 3 Secrets – a complete power leveling guide you will learn how to reach your level cap in quickest time possible with optimal quest guide. Its most optimized guide I ever used to read more about this guide features read Diablo 3 Secrets Review.


Guy4game review#2 Diablo 3 Speed– serves as your ‘road map’ that you will able to learn how to reach your level cap in the quickest time possible. You will master every single class, skill and path for each character. Read more of it features with Diablo 3 Speed Review.


Guy4game review#3 Diablo 3 Leveling – over 200+ pages with high quality images and a complete 1-60 leveling guide for each class of Diablo 3. This guide also will help you kill faster and complete each difficulties and best locations to gain experience. Read more of it features with Diablo 3 Leveling Review.



Power Leveling Service is a service you can avail that helps you to reach level max in exchange of small amount of money. Also you don’t need to spend more than 26 hrs leveling your toon when there someone can do it for you. All you need to do is to wait up to 3 days (max). But the problem who’s merchant will I entrust my account?


Recommended Site for Diablo 3 Power Leveling Service

Below are list of merchants that I’ve been used back in WoW days and tested their service.

Guy4game review1. Guy4game – is one of the leading provider for different MMORPG services since 2004 and been served more than 200,000 satisfied customers and has 5300 orders every month with customer’s satisfaction rate of 98.8%.

Guy4game offer’s different kinds of leveling package: quest leveling, 1-60 power leveling and paragon leveling service. What I like with their service is what ever items your character get it will bound to your account plus you will be given a 344,000 gold. And your account will be handled by their professional leveler and not by bots so you will assure that your account is in good hands. Below are quick links you can to read more about Guy4game:




Guy4game review2. Koala Credits – is one of the merchant that I’m been using when I need fast delivery for WoW gold and Eve Isk also the Most Recommended Merchant of Gold Review Box. Also, Koala Credits is one of the most recommended gold site as of today despite their high prices a lots of their customers are keep on coming back because of their excellent and quality service. Read user feedback, comments and reviews about koalacredits.com, click here!

Koala Credits recently open the Diablo 3 Paragon Powerleveling Service where your account will be handled their game experts and level from your desired level as shortest time as possible and you it a bot and macro free so you can rest assure that your account is in good hand plus you given a 24/7 customer support if you need assistance.




Guy4game review3. IGXE – is one of the well known virtual currency seller, operated since 2001 and #3 of recommended merchant of goldreviewbox. They were recognize by other website because of their integrity in the business. To read more about IGXE, user reviews and feedback, visit IGXE review.

IGXE offers wide selections of games and services and Diablo 3 Paragon leveling is one of it. So far they offer the best included package, though I rarely use them but many of my friends had good feedback about IGXE. When availing their leveling service you will be entering a package where as you can acquire extra 1,000,000 gold and all items/armor will be intact to your character.




Just a final note, for me its up to you which guide you choose it depends on your budget and eagerness to reach level max quick. If you want to enjoy the story line, just go on free guides there are also lots of video tutorial in the Youtube you just need search for it. But if you have bigger budget and plan to level fast I do suggest to avail Powerleveling service and for me its worth it, with the items I get that included in their package and the early chance to farm for legendary and sell them RMAH you can easily return back the money you invest plus you can still earn for your own.

For you which of the choices above will you choose and make an investment? Leave your comments below. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends!